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March 2015

I stopped updating this site many years ago. My son is now almost 14 years old. He is healthy, happy, and living a normal life (whatever that means). He has no symptoms of ASD, eats a complete diet with no eliminations and no food allergies. He is an honor student and a really funny, great kid. We are incredibly lucky.

November 2011

I try to update the same time every year but wow - time is flying by. Ryan has had a fantastic year. He was once again awarded the school-wide citizenship award. This is his 4th year in a row! He is a very outgoing kid and had a great academic year as well earning honor roll every quarter.

This spring I created a new remedy called Computer Exposure which had a great effect on him. He became more grounded and developed an interest in sports, especially basketball. He participated in three basketball clinics, including one at the local high school where he knew no one but jumped right in. He did great and tried out for the junior high team, however, none of the boys in his grade (5th) made the team. I'm just really proud of him for trying.

Ryan's reading skills are now about three grades ahead and he enjoys reading for pleasure. He plowed through a ton of books this summer and continues to read nightly. This is great reassurance and we see none of the dyslexic symptoms of two years ago. He loves Minecraft and playing with the neighborhood kids with nerf guns, as well as lego designing.

We had another healthy year except for whatever illnesses were circulating. He still occasionally asks whether something is sarcastic or not. But overall, he's just a very normal, active, healthy, happy 10 year old.

This will be the last update I post. He is still comfortable sharing his past with autism. But I feel in fairness to him, it's time to let him just be him. Thank you all for your kind words and concern over the years. I will continue to do my best to respond to emails, however, at any given time I have a backlog of about 500 messages.


October 2010

Where oh where has my little boy gone?! Another year has passed us by - phew - did anyone see that one?

This has been a terrific year for Ryan. This has been the first year he has not had upper respiratory issues and we have not seen his chronic cough return since the Pertussin nosode last fall. This summer he was healthy, healthy, healthy which was just awesome.

He had a great school year and finished the semester with straight A's! He also was awarded the school-wide citizenship award and two other grade level awards for citizenship and honor. This school year he has surprised us and volunteered to particpate in the Advanced Reading Challenge. His reading skills have just taken off. He scored at or above grade level on all standardized FCATs this year as well!

Socially, he does well and has a select number of core friends. Last year we were once again confronted with bullying. The issue is far from a lack of social understanding on his part but more due to his easy-going, good nature. He is always there to help others and expects the same integrity and friendliness from his peers. Sadly, this is often far from the case. He has not been the only victim and thankfully, his group of friends support each other. This is life and he is learning how to deal with all the different personalities out there that everyone must confront on a daily basis. Unfortunately, he is a sensitive soul and it's sometimes torturous to watch him figure it all out. But this is a lesson every one must learn and never goes away even into adulthood.

The one area of weakness this past summer was interpreting sarcasm. For whatever reason, he lost his ability to differentiate sarcasm. He would ask, "Is that sarcastic or is that literal?" This was particularly unusual as he had used sarcasm naturally in the past and has a good sense of humour. We redosed with the DTP remedy again and it seems to have helped. We are back down to a 30c and he needs a dose about once every 6 months.

Diet-wise Ryan eats everything. He has no allergies and enjoys a well rounded diet. I no longer see issues wtih chocolate or even high fructose corn syrup, however we still moderate both. In other areas, he still enjoys designing with legos, playing Roblox online, and playing football with his dad. He has shown an interest in playing flag football although he doesn't fall into an age group until next year.

Life continues to present ups and downs, as it should. We are truly blessed with three great kids whose health we never take for granted. And we are eternally grateful to homeopathy!

October 2009

I can't believe another year has past. Ryan is now 8. He had a good year last year at school and finished the school year on honor roll. However, at the end of the school year last year we were struggling with reluctance to do homework, arguing about cleaning up his room, and his grades were falling. This summer was a bit concerning as his attention was waning and he was very low energy. When we started school again in August, he was having difficulty with attention and his math scores were way down. Since they work independently at school, he was having trouble completing his assignments and staying focused.

He had been on coccus cacti remedy for a chronic remedy and then the opportunity for the Pertussin nosode presented itself with frank pertussis. He did really well with that and I definitely saw a clearer picture. After some careful consideration, it was apparent he once again needed the DTP remedy. So I redosed him at the beginning of October. Wow - the response was great and he is back on track.

He is cleaning up his room, doing as he is asked, coming home from school and immediately doing his homework without any resistance. When I come out in the morning, he is dressed from head to toe ready for school, has brushed his teeth, and is eating his breakfast! So I am very pleased with how this dose went.

I was a bit perplexed as to why he still needed the DTP remedy but since some kids who have recovered see a resurface of symptoms around 3rd grade, I suppose it is somehow related to growth. In terms of learning, I have no doubt he is dyslexic however with this redose, we have seen these symptoms subside and his reading has picked up. He is even reading for pleasure on his own!

Ryan discovered legos this year and can make about 500 different things with a $12 set! It's impressive wht he can come up with. Once he discovered he could build things, he pretty much abandoned his bakugans. He spent two weeks at art camp this summer and had one of his pieces selected to be framed and hung at the city hall.

He fenced in his first fencing competition this spring and was the youngest fencer there. He even took home a bronze medal. He did demonstrations in our city's 4th of July parade and had his first sleep over. Unbeknownst to us, he let it slip that he has a girlfriend! Of course, they don't speak to each other much but he says they say hi to each other in the hallway!

All in all, it's been a very good year.


September 2008

Can't believe another year has passed! Ryan is doing great. He is in 2nd grade now. Last year at the end of the semester he tested 2 grades ahead in both reading comprehension and math. I am a bit concerned that he is still writing letters backwards and his handwriting is subpar but his teachers insist this is still within normal for his age. They are not aware of his previous history as he started at a new charter school this fall and we decided to let go of the past. I know they must think I am an overly anxious parent for even asking about his academics but I remain hyper aware of any warning signs.

He joined the poetry and writing club which really surprised me since he is all about Bokugan, Batman - the Dark Knight, and all that 7 year old boy stuff at home. He still enjoys drawing and painting a good deal. Hen finally began fencing lessons. Looks like the 3,000+ hours of play sword fighting in the front yard are actually paying off. He beat 3 opponents in a row his 2nd week of class. He really has a knack for it. He is a natural leftie even though he writes with his right hand which to me demonstrates again the indecision in side dominance. But on the positive side, I am ambidextrous as well.

I don't have much to report other than he is a pretty regular kid. His room is a mess, he loves video games, playing outside with friends, riding his scooter, etc. He continues to be able to eat anything and everything with no issues. The only supplements now a days is a multi-vitamin when I think of it and an occasional dose of probiotic.

We are truly blessed.



September 2007

Ryan pretending to be "Bear Grylls" while playing "Man v. Wild" (his favorite show) when we were in Maine this August.

Can't believe it's been so long... Ryan is doing wonderful. It has been years since we have seen any behaviors of autism. He is in public school - 1st grade with no mention of autism. He's on par or ahead in all areas of learning. However, he still does some letter reversals and occasional mirror writing but this is well within normal for his age. He has many friends and is very social and respectful.

He is big into computer games and Xbox right now. Unfortunately, I think they both affect his attention span so I have restricted them for right now. He loves Webkins and it's amazing to see what a 6 year old can do on there - decorating all the rooms and maintaining his characters. He's really good at earning money from the games, too. (For anyone not familiar with Webkins, they are a stuffed animal you buy that you then maintain on line.)

He's interested in books, and doing art work, and playing outside with his friends. Like most boys his age, he's into Pirates of the Carribean and Spiderman. We recently got a new kitten who he absolutely adores! It's really sweet to see him snuggle with the kitten. It's a hypoallergenic cat (Siberian) and thankfully no one is allergic. He is a very affectionate child.

With the good things in life "not" on the spectrum, comes the bad, too... Recently a boy punched him in the stomach at the bus stop - for no apparent reason! I was standing right next to them, too - the kid just turned around and sucker punched him. Boys being boys - albeit naughty ones! The mommy lion in me was so upset. Ryan said he was only upset because he "wasn't ready!" However, a few days later, Ryan comes home from school...

Ryan: "Hey, guess what?"
Me: "What?"
Ryan: "Remember that kid... the one that punched me in the stomach?"
Me: "Yes..."
Ryan: "Well, I made friends with him today!"
Me: "Really?! How did you do that?"
Ryan: "I just went up to him and said, 'Hey, want to be friends?' and he said 'yes' so now we're friends."

<sigh> ... I'm so proud of him!

While the last thing I want is for him to be picked on, I'm really impressed with his ability to turn the situation around. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for his new friend who got in trouble again later in the week for socking another kid!



September 2006

Quotes that tell me he's OK...

After kindergarten screening:

Ryan: "I didn't skip during the screening."
Me: "Why not?"
Ryan: "It's embarrassing!"
Me: "Did you tell the teacher that?"
Ryan: "No, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She seemed really excited about the whole skipping thing."

While counting money I just got from the bank teller at the drive through...

Ryan: "What kind of $10 dollar bill is that?"
Me: "What do you mean? It's the regular kind."
Ryan: "What's up with the orange?"

(It's the new bills that have this garish orange color all over it!) Made me laugh!

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